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Protect your data and identity online

Protect your data Online
Itís more than just a TV Box Ė protect your data and identity online

Privacy is a bit of an internet buzzword these days. Average users are now becoming more aware that the data they transfer across the big bad internet is less secure than they first thought. The Internet is a jungle where hackers easily steal sensitive information from the ill-equipped.

The Telly Connect box encrypts and cloaks ALL your data across the web by using our VPN service, making your online activity completely illegible to any eavesdroppers and hidden from prying eyes, which is extremely useful when accessing things like UK bank and credit card accounts, thus any WiFi device connected to the Telly Connect box will have its data encrypted.

However a VPN canít protect you if you choose to download malicious files. This is why you still have to be cautious as ever about the emails you open and attachments you download, but it will ensure the data you are sending is always protected.
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