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Mivmo Pinless Dialer Reseller Solution

It is now possible for a Reseller to engage multiple retail outlets and customers to distribute their unique version of branded Mivmo.

n essence anyone can now supply a fully featured pinless Mivmo VoIP and GSM dialler through their channel be they promoters, sales outlets, resellers, distributors or wholesalers, and a simple promo code input by the user will determine from which channel the sale originated and apply appropriate branding and default settings.

Mivmo - Up to 20% commission on customers spend, no matter who they are

We offer properly one of the highest commissions in the market place, with up to 20% commission of customers spend.  Think about it....Mivmo can be downloaded and working in less than 2 minutes, meaning anyone telling their friends about Mivmo can be online in minutes, even when sitting in the pub or in airport, thus they become one of your customers without you even trying.  And you still get 20% of their call spend! 

All we need to send us your artwork and background images for the branding of your Mivmo App. Darker colors work best.
Mivmo Pinless reseller Android App
Fully Branded Mivmo App*
Integrated GSM and VoIP dialer
Mivmo App comes with FREE UK calls*
FREE calls to UK freephone numbers
Download and working in minutes
Every new account comes with €1 of credit
Fully maintained and updated service
Ideal for giving to Estate agents
Up to 20% commission on customers call spend
Completely managed system, so no worrying about maintenance
In App PayPal Online payment module for your customers to top-up
Competitive calling rates, using highest-quality carriers
Works over the mobile network and VoIP
Customer can enable and disable the App at a touch of a button.
Mivmo branded or unbranded versions

What you can customise:

Background - Background color or Image can be changed
Top Logo - At the top left of the screen can be replaced with your company logo or brand
Bottom Logo - A small brand or logo image can be placed at the bottom or the App screen.
Mivmo reseller branded - Once off setup cost - €300
Mivmo reseller unbranded - Once off setup cost - €50

Simple and easy to use

Download Mivmo on to your Android mobile
✔ Downloaded and working in under 2 minutes
✔ NO lengthy registration information
✔ Comes with 1€ free test credit
FREE call to the UK landlines*
✔ Real time PayPal Top Up system
✔ No entering a lengthy PIN number
✔ No entering a access or destination numbers
✔ Integrates with the phonebook of the handset

Download Now - Just Click Here to get the App

The Mivmo App for testing is available from the Google Play Store, just look up Mivmo, just download and install, When asked you must use promo code 2003, or you will NOT revive your free UK calls*  (441, 442 numbers). However it also comes with 1€ of credit, just to get you going as well. The App cannot be downloaded and connected to the same mobile number again unless you contact our customer service team.

Available for Android with Apple IOS coming soon. At the moment the Mivmo Pinless Android App can only be use in GSM mode from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Sweden at the moment. Outside these countries you can use Mivmo on VoIP using your mobile data or WiFi connection.

Setting Up Telly Connect Mivmo

Once you have downloaded the App, locate it on your phone.
Open the Mivmo App, you will be asked to Verify your mobile number. (this will be the mobile that the App is loaded on to)
Select the country code you are located in from the drop down list e.g 34
Enter your mobile number in the next box (without the country code e.g (34) or if in the UK 0)
Enter our promo code 2003 in to the promo code box
Tap the arrow button to the right of the screen.
You will now have a screen with Thank You for verifying your number.
You will then revive a Text message with a four (4) digit code, just enter this in to the box showing.
Push the arrow button to the right of the screen.
Your now ready to make calls.

We are always happy to help. So if you have any questions or problems please contact us.

*Full name:
*Contact number:
*Email address:
*Inserted in:
* The FREE UK landline call is a limited offer, and can be withdrawn with 7 days notice.  Notice will be sent via SMS message to customers mobile phone of any changes. UK Landline codes 00441, 00442, 44800 and 44808 are included in the offer only. Promo code 2003. FREE calls to UK landlines 00441, 00442, 44800 and 44808 are subject to a fair use policy
In line with company policy of continued improvement of products and services, Telly Connect reserves the right to alter product specification and prices without notice.