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MAG boxes Clones..Watch Out

OK, looks like Infomir and there is a major supply problem on MAG boxes, we have also contacted a number of  authorized sellers and they are saying the same.

We ONLY buy directly with Infomir as this is the only way of guaranteeing the boxes are 100% genuine MAG254 from Infomir, as the market is completely flooded with Clone units from China!

MAG clones are hard to see, but you should check.

1. On the bottom of the box it should have a Silver Hologram sticker

2. If the date of build is showing as 2015 and it has made in Ukraine then its properly a Clone as Infomir no longer print this on the bottom of the box.

3. If the Bar code is bark and bold, this its properly a Clone.

So watch out.......there are lost of clones about....
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