IPTV MAG254 Set-Top Boxes

Buy a MAG254 IPTV Box | MAG256 IPTV Box100% genuine MAG Set-Top boxes

We ONLY buy directly from  Infomir as this is the only way of guaranteeing the boxes are 100% genuine MAG boxes from Infomir, as the market is completely flooded with Clone units from China!

NEWS - There are some changes that Infomir have made to the MAG set-top boxes and accessories that are supplied with them.

1. The Box / body frame of the STB MAG254 will be in a new, up-to-date design
2. Programmable remote has now been replaced by non-programmable remote
3. By default HDMI is now supplied instead of RCA cable.

Please Note
-  The Infomir Group does not create any content or provide access to audiovisual content

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£ 94.38(107.62 €)
BRAND NEW MAG256 + EU PSU Box Only (STB) X1 MAG256 IPTV Set-Top Box,
X1 EU PSU power supply
Price Inc VAT/TAX

£ 73.75(84.10 €)
BRAND NEW MAG322 + EU PSU Box Only (STB) X1 MAG322 IPTV Set-Top Box
X1 EU PSU power supply
Price Inc VAT/TAX

In line with company policy of continued improvement of products and services, Telly Connect reserves the right to alter product specification and prices without notice.