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FREE UK calls for subscription customers - Mivmo

Mivmo Pinless Dialer.Mivmo is a FREE brand new Android mobile App for expats abroad to call the UK for FREE, with other destinations at very low call rates.  At the moment the Telly Connect Mivmo App can only be used in GSM mode from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Finland, Sweden and Norway at the moment. Outside these countries please switch Mivmo to VoIP mode and use your data or WiFi connection to make the call.

How it works

At it´s heart of Mivmo is a ´carrier grade´ mobile GSM dialer, utilising the mobile call network to carry phone calls. As long as you have a mobile signal Mivmo will work seamlessly to give you crystal clear call quality, instant connectivity to the recipient and a constant high quality signal even while on the move. Mivmo utilises a tiny piece of data (mobile data or WiFi) to verify the user and establish a connection and won´t eat into any data allowances whilst in GSM mode. In fact you can turn off data whilst in-call without any interference.

To accommodate times when no locla access number is available or the GSM signal is poor, or even whilst abroad and wishing to avoid roaming charges, Mivmo is equipped with a VoIP mode. The VoIP mode can be used at any time and will connect using your mobile data (will use your data plan) or WiFi. Calls between Mivmo users where both parties are using VoIP will be free of cost. Mivmo uses a proprietory VoIP system which uses less bandwidth, connects within milliseconds and gets around many blocking systems making it superior to most other solutions.

Setting Up Telly Connect Mivmo
  • Once you have downloaded the App, locate it on your phone.
  • Open the Mivmo App, you will be asked to Verify your mobile number.
  • Select the country code you are located in from the drop down list e.g 34
  • Enter your mobile number in the next box (without the country code e.g (34) or if in the UK 0)
  • Enter our promo code 2003 in to the promo code box
  • Tap the arrow button to the right of the screen.
  • You will now have a screen with Thank You for verifying your number.
  • You will then revive a Text message with a four (4) digit code, just enter this in to the box showing.
  • Push the arrow button to the right of the screen.
  • Your now ready to make calls
  • Next, If you are a live Telly Connect customer just drop us an email and we will switch on your FREE UK calls for you.
Download Now
The Mivmo App for free now, its available directly  from the Google Play Store, just look up Mivmo, just download and install it using promo code 2003, it also comes with 1€ of test credit. The App cannot be downloaded and connected to the same mobile number again unless you contact our customer service team. Available for Android | IOS (coming soon)
At the moment Mivmo has local access numbers in UK, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Finland, Sweden and Norway at the moment. Outside these countries please switch Mivmo to VoIP mode.

* The FREE UK landline call is a limited offer, and can be withdrawn with 7 days notice.  Notice will be sent via SMS message to customers mobile phone. UK Landline codes 00441 and 00442 are included in the offer only. Promo code 2003, and you MUST be a live Telly Connect subscribed customer.

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