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Fast Broadband in Spain with UK IP address coming soon

Coming soon Telly Connect will be able to offer Unlimited broadband in Spain with a UK fixed IP address, allowing you access to all UK online content.

Tooway - fast broadband internet for everyone in Spain

Tooway provides Europe with a real alternative to no or slow broadband over wires. Tooway is Europe’s fastest satellite broadband service with domestic services available to everyone, everywhere at up to 20 Mb download, 6 Mb upload - more than the majority of wired broadband homes receive!

Tooway offers a range of different tariffs packaged by monthly data allowance and speed, meaning that whatever type of broadband user you are, there’s Tooway tariff for you. Airtime subscriptions start at £19.99 per month, and you can either rent* or buy your Tooway hardware.

  • It offers very fast speeds, up to 20 Mb download & 6 Mb upload speed
  • Due to the popularity of the service some Tooway beams like 23 and 34 (England) and 24 (Republic of Ireland) are becoming busy at peak times
  • Generous data allowances with UNLIMITED off-peak data on Tooway L, XL and XXL
  • A wide selection of tariffs to suit all users; highest speeds even available on some lower tariffs
  • Provided with a UK IP address for Tooway customers, giving easy access to UK watch again portals like BBC iPlayer the only Tooway Distributor to do this
  • Its a well Proven product, offering a robust and reliable service with professional or self-install.
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