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Scandinavian Air Time Package

Scandinavian Air Time Package for expats abroadExisting Telly Connect Customers
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We DO NOT offer encrypted channels or VOD movies services. We do NOT offer any service from within Scandinavian countries, UK or ROI and other selected countries

£ 27.83(31.42 €)
In Stock
Airtime - Scandinavian TV Package

Catchup - 14 days recorded TV
Lots of radio channels
Programme overview (EPG)
English 'Free-To-Air'
Add available German, Italian, French and Finnish channels

£ 30.73(34.69 €)
In Stock
ALL channels from all packages.30 days Airtime ALL TV Channels Premium Airtime Package Includes all channels from the Ultimate and Scandinavian packages. Allows you to watch as much as you like for only a few cents a day.  Price Inc TAX
NOTE: Package is blocked in the UK & ROI.

£ 24.20(27.32 €)
In Stock
New  Low cost - Scandinavian TV Package

Catchup - 14 days
Radio channels
Programme overview (EPG)
On screen service expiration date
Package is blocked in the UK & ROI.

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