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Why is your service not available free?
    Ok, we get asked this a lot, and we could rant all day long about this, but we won’t.

The Telly Connect service is NOT a "Content Aggregator" service. (Android) The payment you make to us is for the bandwidth to run the service, we do not charge for the TV service its self. IPTV takes up a lot of bandwidth, and its not free.

We also don't use Content aggregation, which is used on the low end Android boxes you see advertised for 129€/185€ with no subscription. This is because the box is normally using a FREE open system (normally Navi-X) which looks for user contributed playlist and content over the Internet to stream.
Yes this will give you an overwhelming amount of other user’s continent, but the problem you will find the links to your favorite TV channels may not be there for long, hence you will have to look and update to find another user/ feed.  This is why the seller will say the box is set for Auto Updates! needs to be.

See below one of the terms we have seen in a number of subscription free Android TV box providers.

"XXXXX is not responsible for the content provided for any add - ons/channels/links or the quality of any streams. If any links or live streams stop working there is nothing we can do as it is the nature of these types of links, usually new ones appear in Navi-x after a few days once they have been updated"

But, hay the service is free. But who you going to call when its gos off, or you need help!

IPTV Service

IPTV however is a different thing altogether. For a start the Set-Top boxes (STBs) are basically mini computers running Linix for their operating system, which is used by Banks to Bakers in the business market, so it’s very, very reliable.

All the content is provided by a "Content Provider", who we PAY to supply high quality streams to IPTV operators, which are rock solid, and more importantly, the channels, are there when you switch your STB on
IPTV operators (like our self) have cost for Data Centers, Servers, STB control platforms and the most important of all, bandwidth. (Can you imagine the amount needed to supply just a 100 customers?) All this goes to provide a rock solid, high quality, reliable IPTV service, every time you switch your Set-Top Box on.
So the next time someone tells you there Internet TV is rubbish, or your  IPTV services is expensive, just ask them what they have……We would lay money it’s an 125€ Android box!

Remember……"You Get What You Pay For"

Rant over…
In line with company policy of continued improvement of products and services, Telly Connect reserves the right to alter product specification and prices without notice.