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Make the most of your Smart TV in Spain

Getting the most out of your Smart TV in Spain

UK TV on your Smart TV with UK Telly ConnectSmart TV is the catch-all term for internet TVs. For many new TVs this means access to a collection of apps, an app store for adding more, a web browser and access to home network files all rolled into one interface. 

However very few people in Spain ever connect these TVís to the Internet as all the content is restricted to Spanish TV services. But once you have connected your Telly Connect box to your Smart TV youíre now in the UK, so by using your TVís web browser you will now have access to all the UK TV content and services such as BBC One, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Dave, CBeebies, 4 Music, Film4..and may more.

To do all this, the TV has to be able to connect to the internet. This is done by connecting your TV to the Telly Connect box via WiFi, simply scan for your Telly Connect box, put in the Key and your TV is connected, works just like the connection to your Ipad or mobile phone.

Some smart TVs have WiFi built-in, others are 'WiFi ready'. WiFi ready usually means that you need to buy a separate WiFi dongle costing around €30 for the wireless connection to work. This then just plugs into the USB socket on your Smart TV.

What will you get when your TV is connect
This depends on the brand of TV you buy. All smart TVs launched in the last couple of years offer a series of apps, such as YouTube, Facebook, Skype and BBC iPlayer. There's also access to an app store for adding more.

Many smart TVs, particularly more expensive ones, also allow you to surf the web using a remote to control and the TV to view your pages.

What are apps?
Smart TVs, like smartphones, are usually micro-websites to make accessing and using them easier. Two of the most common pre-loaded apps on smart TVs are BBC iPlayer and YouTube. (UK TV's)

YouTube on your TV looks slightly different to the web version and the exact layout and design depends on your brand of TV. 

Lower quality YouTube videos don't look good as the TVs big screen emphasizes picture quality flaws. However there are plenty of high-definition clips to choose from too.

The BBCís iPlayer app lets you access seven daysí worth of BBC radio and TV programmes, including HD (high-definition) channels, but you canít record any of this to a DVD or hard disk.

watch Lovefilm in Spain with UK Telly Connect
On-demand video through film rental services, such as LoveFilm and AceTrax let you stream films directly to your TV. Itís a virtually hassle-free way to watch films, although you pay for what you watch. Picture quality, though, is not quite on a par with that produced by the DVD.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter both produce Smart TV apps and photo-sharing apps by Picasa and Flickr are fairly commonplace, too.

Most brands come with a similar line-up of pre-loaded apps, usually including some or all of the above but the quality of the apps on offer can vary by brand and depending if your TV was purchased in the UK or Spain. Always consult your user manual or local dealer before purchasing a Telly Connect box for the purpose of connecting to you TV.

The New Sky® NOWTV BoxGet Sky Movies in Spain with the UK Tell Connect Box

The New Sky® NOWTV is great for people who donít want a monthly subscription. Anyone with a good broadband and a supported device can watch live sports online with NOW TV box. To get the best quality from your nice new NOW TV box, youíll need an internet connection with a minimum broadband speed of 2.5Mbps (megabits per second).

Whatís in the NOW TV Box?

The tiny NOW TV Box is the easy way to get live and on demand entertainment straight to your TV. Together with a NOW TV account you can:

Stream the latest Sky Movies and live Sky Sports in high-quality with a NOW TV account
Access a great range of live and catch-up channels with Sky News, BBC iPlayer and Demand5
Make it your own with loads of brilliant entertainment channels and apps to download
The NOW TV Box costs just £9.99 (includes postage & packaging to UK only)

We are not affiliated in any way with the Sky® broadcasting or there channels or responsible for their content. We do not supply NowTV boxes to end users. If you can buy a NowTV box directly from their website, and is subject to NowTV's terms and conditions. 

In line with company policy of continued improvement of products and services, Telly Connect reserves the right to alter product specification and prices without notice.