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Steam your Internet radio station live on our IPTV platform

Stream your radio station to expats across the world

Internet radio stream hosting live
Start streaming your radio station or content to expats across the world live on our IPTV network. Whether you're a terrestrial radio station, an internet broadcaster or private stream you can now get your station listed on our UK Live TV + Catchup IPTV platform for just 4.99€ per month.

Our IPTV streaming service is NOT based on the number of simultaneous listeners you have, or even bandwidth. You simply pay for your station being listed - that's it.

When you IPTV stream to us, you can be sure there are...

No contracts
No hidden renewal clauses
No bandwidth fees
No simultaneous listeners fees
No buffering of inbound streams

What do I get?

We provide you with a station listing that is connected to your live streaming URL, so as soon as a listener select's your station on screen we connect diretly to your live URL stream, ready to stream your radio station, all at a click of a button on their remote control......simple.

24/7 Availability
Live studio webcam feed listed in our live TV entertainment listing. (Providing you have one)
Station listing on all our IPTV boxes, across all countries where clients are using our service.
Station listing on our website.
Access to one of the lowest cost streaming services.
Access to a huge expat community worldwide.

We also offer your a 10% discount on all products and services for your listeners. So you can start advertising to your listeners that thay can tune in via their Telly Connect IPTV service and sell them a set top box, if they do not have one, at a listener discount.

Our IPTV service is a professional IPTV system, and uses a completely private, managed network to deliver our TV and radio content directly to the end user. We don't offer Android Internet TV boxes. They use free TV channels distributed over the public internet, and normally offer no support. That's why they are sold on a no subscription basis.

"You get what you pay for” and you can rest assured that when customers sign up to Telly Connect they won't have to compromise on quality, which in turn gives you, the broadcaster, a better opportunity to reach your listeners with the message that you want them to hear.

Join today the fastest growing IPTV based radio streaming network, serving expats clients all over the world. All for just 4.99€ per month.

What next?

Next we just need some basic information to open an account account for you.

Simply complete the form below, don't worry we DO NOT need any payment information.

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Stream hosting payment - URL address
Once we have loaded and tested your Live stream URL we will send you an invoice for the hosting term you have selected...simple. Your Live URL address is normally found within your main stream providers control panel. This will be a http link. We cannot take streams from YouTube or sound cloud.  

In line with company policy of continued improvement of products and services, Telly Connect reserves the right to alter product specification and prices without notice.