Our customers now get FREE calls with their IPTV service

Free call with Telly Connect and Zoiper

At Telly Connect we are always looking to find new ways for expats to save money, more now than ever. So we have teamed up with Simple Telecoms and Zoiper to launched a brand new telephone service just for our live IPTV customers.

For as long as you have a live Telly Connect IPTV service with us you can call landlines in any of the 20 countries listed below, completely free of charge, anytime you like, just by using the free Zoiper app. You will also get a free UK inbound number as well, so friends and family in the UK can call you as if you where still there. For a small monthly cost we can also provide telephone numbers in other countries to.

Get the FREE Zoper App Here

What is the Zoiper Smartphone App?

Zoiper is a Free VoIP Smartphone App, and works wherever you have access to the internet via your home Wi-Fi router, mobile 3G and 4G, Bars, coffee shops and airports, in fact anywhere there's internet or WiFi Hotspots. This means you will be able to make free calls using our VoIP telephone service with the Zoiper free App on your Smartphone, it also works when you're roaming overseas, so its a fantastic way to keep in touch with your friends and family for nothing.

The great thing is, unlike Skype or WhatsApp the other party does NOT need to have Zoiper as well, as you are calling the normal landline number....cool

Call international landline numbers FREE in:

Free calls to Australia


Free calls to Denmark


Free calls to Ireland


Free calls to New Zealand

New Zealand

Free calls to Slovakia


Call UK Freephone numbers for free

UK Freephone

Free calls to Bulgaria


Free calls to France


Call Italy for free


Call Norway for free


Call Spain for free


Call the USA for free


Free calls to Canada


Free calls to Germany


Free calls to Malta


Call Poland for FREE


Call Sweden for free


Call Cyprus for free


Call Hungary for free


Call Netherlands for free


Call Portugal for free


Cakll the UK for Free

UK Georaphic

Free to Live TV Customers*

Free service to live TV customers

Unlimited calls to 20 counties*

UK Inbound number included

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Add 1000 mins to UK mobiles

1000 minutes to UK mobiles

Add package at anytime

£9.99 per month

Coming Soon

Download the Instructions

Download the setup here

Ready in minutes

Start calling

Download PDF Here

*A fair usage policyapplies. Excludes special, premium, mobile and non-geographic numbers.

Zoiper is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling

Dowload the Zoiper App for free - There are NO IN APP ADVERTISEMENTS.

Download Zoiper Here for free
Download Zoiper for Apple Here for free

Download Instructions Here

In line with company policy of continued improvement of products and services, Telly Connect reserves the right to alter product specification and prices without notice.