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Aliens and UFO’s on NowTV

The Alien Chennel

New -  Aliens and UFO’s Channel on NowTV

This fascinating free channel covers over 100 UFO cases including UFO sightings and encounters during World War II and Vietnam. Dozens of researched and investigated sightings as early as the late 1930's


2012: Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of the Ages
2012: An Awakening: Featuring David Icke, John Major Jenkins, Gregg
Braden, Patrick Geryl, Adrian Gilbert, Geoff Stray
The Billy Meier Story: UFO’s and the Prophecies from Outer Space
UFOs 1973: Aliens, Abductions and Extraordinary Sightings
UFO’s Do Not Exist!: The Grand Deception and Cover-Up of the UFO Phenomenon
Conspiracy to Rule the World: From 911 to the Illuminati
Lies and Deception: UFO’s and the Secret Agenda: Timothy Good and Nick Pope
Alien Origins by Lloyd Pye: Discover Our Alien Heritage
Crop Circles the Enigma: Amazing Insight into Crop Circles and UFOs
Europe’s Roswell: UFO Crash at Aberystwyth – UFO Downed in the UK
Ancient Astronauts: The Gods from Planet X
Aliens from Outer Space: UFO Landings, Crashes and Retrievals
Archetype of the UFO by O.H. Krill
Walking Between Worlds Belonging to None: The Ann Andrews Story

…with more films being added regularly.

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